Jiangning district of Nanjing

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Jiangning district of Nanjing

Postby jlobkowicz » Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:09 pm

Sorry, this might be a respost as I tried to post it in the general Q&A forum but I think the Nanjing forum might be a better place for it.

I am considering a job in this district and was wondering is there is anyone who can tell me anything about it?
I know the job is very near to the subway so getting into the city proper should be no problem for me, that said it would be nice to know a little about my neighborhood. Are there supermarkets nearby where I might buy western style foods? What about restaurants? I intend to try and eat local style cuisine but I know I will crave some comfort food too. What kind of nightlife is available. Is there an expat community there?

These are all just kind of musings, and really anything that anyone can tell me about the area would be great.

Thanks, I hope to have some responses soon.

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