ukulele concert

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ukulele concert

Postby nanjinggirl » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:57 am

Hey, guys, there is a cool event going on next month. Check it out below! If there are any questions, please ask and I will try to find out for you!

MaShuShu International Women’s Day Special Ukulele Show:
Nanjing Ukulele Education Concert

Event Details

-Those attending can bring a small ukulele! Let MaShuShu teach you how to play the ukulele!
-Those who purchase tickets in advance will receive a poster signed personally by MaShuShu (given out at the event).

Time: Saturday March 8th, 2014 at 6pm
Venue: 61 Livehouse
Address: Nanjing Gulou District Hankou West Rd. No. 61 (across from the McDonald’s on Ninghai Rd.)
Entrance Fee: 50 RMB presale, 70 RMB at the door
Ticket Purchase Hotline: 025-83235044
Ticket Purchase in Person: Xuanwu District Zhongyang Rd. No. 302 Creative Arts Center 4B-101
Ticket Purchase Online:

Purchase Process

1. Payment.
2. The seller will receive the buyer’s information after payment (name and number).
3. Buyer must re-confirm payment received (unconfirmed tickets will be considered invalid).
4. Go the ticket box office at the event and report name/number in exchange for ticket.

About MaShuShu

Why is he called MaShuShu?

MaShuShu in the online world has accumulated over a hundred videos on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, gaining him considerable popularity, so the number of views surpassing 100,000 is nothing out of the ordinary. Why MaShuShu? Suddenly hearing it might let one think: an old uncle (uncle is “shu” in Chinese) teaching guitar, what worth is that? In truth, MaShuShu isn’t even an uncle; he’s actually a handsome, thick-eyebrowed and big-eyed guy. The reason why people call him MaShuShu is because the children in his classroom say his hair looks like a horse’s mane (horse is “ma” and mane is “xu” in Chinese), so students called him “MaXuXu, MaXuXu” until at last he became “MaShuShu.”

What is MaShuShu so popular for?

He’s popular for his highly exaggerated and effective guitar and ukulele online education! His videos are widely known for their exaggerated silly talk, extremely humorous and wacky behavior, such as jumping, lying down, and crawling as he plays, and using all sorts of props and shooting locations. His methods are unstoppable, plus his numerous facial expressions, unanimously considered by netizens to be a handsome yet crazy guitar teacher! While netizens are learning, they are simultaneously captivated by MaShuShu’s expressive eyes and will also be caught off guard by the contagious explosion of taking lessons.

Fan Talk – the golden sun MaShuShu fills people with energy
》》Can, without any misgivings at all, open his mouth and laugh widely. Teaching until he starts spitting is no big deal. Is very serious and invested in everything he does.
》》Obviously can’t stop once he starts laughing, but he has to pretend to be calm.
》》Although he chose his own name as MaShuShu, he still worries about becoming old. Shh…this is our little secret.
》》The craftiest guitar horse teacher, jumping while playing, lying down while playing, all sorts of props, all kinds of crowds, places, times, methods; it’s unstoppable.
》》Very patient with every student, participated in public work. Loves kids. Very good personality.
》》His previous income used to be from a few school campus events and performances. Once a TV host asked, is the income enough to feed yourself? MaShuShu replied, “I just eat less, haha.”
》》When he goes on a program, when he gets nervous, he presses his legs together tightly and forgets how to play, even to the point where he starts laughing crazily and endlessly. So cute~!
》》An extreme narcissist. When asked to fans to pose for a photo, he will worry that he won’t turn out handsome if he doesn’t at least adjust his hair a few times. But he is still very patient when giving out autographs and posing for pictures.
》》Regardless of his own mood, MaShuShu will always bring optimistic energy to everyone in every episode of his video series.
》》MaShuShu shares his love for the guitar with everyone. He lets everyone find the joy even in butterfingered, tasteless guitar playing.
》》Actually MaShuShu isn’t like the strong person everyone sees him as. He will also cry in secret when he runs into problems, but he will immediately and bravely get back up.
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Re: ukulele concert

Postby alexss » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:54 am

did somebody watch this show?
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Re: ukulele concert

Postby nanjinggirl » Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:50 pm

A couple people did. What's up?
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