MESAK feat. CLAWS COSTEAU Bring Skweee to China! Tour 2013

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MESAK feat. CLAWS COSTEAU Bring Skweee to China! Tour 2013

Postby musicdish » Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:05 am

China should be prepared because there is a new set of artists coming their way. MESAK is coming to China to introduce a brand new style of music from Finnish record label Harmönia called Skweee, which combines simple synth/chiptune leads and basslines with funk, R&B or soul-like rhythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound. And he is not going to be alone; he's bringing along Claws Costeau to his inaugural 2 week tour across China. This is going to be a fun-filled tour hitting eleven cities with the sound of Skweee.

11/1 BEIJING dada

11/2 SHANGHAI guinness® wood+wires festival (Split Works)

11/3 NINGBO cmk music house

11/7 WUHAN vox livehouse

11/8 XI'AN new moonkey livehouse

11/9 CHANGSHA red live clubz

11/ 10 HANGZHOU 9club

11/14 SUZHOU wave livehouse

11/15 NANJING (new) castle bar

11/16 HONG KONG saffron on the peak

11/17 KOWLOON hidden agenda

Mesak started his career in electronic music in the mid-90s. His electro duo Mr. Velcro Fastener was the first project with regular flow of releases and active touring. The band remixed and worked with artists such as Marco Carola, Hardfloor, Aux88, Elrend Øye and others.

The solo career as Mesak was brought out by the labels Klakson (NL) and Rikos Records (FIN) in the early 2000s. For the last 10 years Mesak's music has trickled down from old school electro, hip hop and other beat-experiments. Mesak also has a production side. He is currently running the label Harmonia with Randy Barracuda.

Mesak is touring introducing his new album Holtiton (Laton Records, 2012), but at the same time he's performing featuring Claws Costeau, who, in addition to him, is one of the true originators of the Scandinavian Synthetic Funk Music known as Skweee in Finland.

Claws Costeau, better known as the toughest gangsta man-boy from Turku (FIN), adds the heaviness of Metal and the aggressive sounds of Hardcore and Punk (his primary early influences) and the fatness of hip hop productions from the 80s and 90s.
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Re: MESAK feat. CLAWS COSTEAU Bring Skweee to China! Tour 20

Postby jdor » Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:35 pm

thanks and hope get more news! :)
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