State Primary & Middle School Teaching Positions in Beijing

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State Primary & Middle School Teaching Positions in Beijing

Postby findworkabroad » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:55 pm

To Apply visit this link:

Program Highlights-Excellent salary: 14 A's 18, 000 RMB (2, 000 A's 2, 600 USD) per month plus benefits-Teach on a Monday to Friday schedule with evenings & weekends off-Over 3 months of holidays per year-Friendly, supportive teaching environment with excellent materials
Main Responsibilities-Maximum teaching hours of 14 hours per week-Monday to Friday classes (8am A's 12pm & 2pm A's 5pm) with evenings and weekends off-Deliver learner centered, engaging lessons to students-Ensure equal participation of all students-Complete all administrative tasks in a timely manner-Actively participate in professional development workshops and activities-Attend school activities, parties and other events
Compensation-Excellent salary: 1, 400 A's 18, 000 RMB (2, 000 A's 2,600 USD) per month (depending on qualifications and experience)-Free accommodation provided by the school shared with another teacher OR housing allowance of 3,
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