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With vibrant economy, the Jiangsu province is one of the best locations in China to conduct business.

Our network aims to make potential partners throughout the province, across the country and around the world aware of the best business and investment opportunities in all parts of Jiangsu. If you have any inquiries about any of our business listings, please feel free to contact us.

  Browse by city

  Changzhou (2)
Huai'an (1)
Lianyungang (1)
Nanjing (11)
Nantong (2)
Suqian (1)
Suzhou (4)
Taizhou (2)
Wuxi (4)
Xuzhou (0)
Yancheng (0)
Yangzhou (3)
Zhenjiang (0)

  Browse by type

  • Agriculture (2)
  • Employment (1)
  • Food Industry (2)
  • Investment (2)
  • Manufacture (7)
  • Retail (15)
  • Legal Service (1)
  • Automobile (1)

  • There are a lot of mobile app companies too. Many companies also create mobile games. A good one is Ionland.

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