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With more than 106 cities and 1242 towns and townships, Jiangsu is one of the provinces that has the most dense population in China, with the second highest total gross domestic product. This province is divided into 13 major cities as its jurisdictional units and each of these major cities governs several minor cities, city-leveled districts, counties and dozens of towns. We are proudly showcasing most of these cities and towns. Please start your discovery of Jiangsu by selecting a location.


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 Major city list

 Major cities & their jurisdictions

Changzhou & Jurisdiction
   Jintan City
   Liyang City
   Qishuyan District
   Tianning District
   Wujin District
   Xinbei District
   Zhonglou District

Huai'an & Jurisdiction
   Chuzhou District
   Hongze County
   Huaiyin District
   Jinhu County
   Lianshui County
   Qinghe District
   Qingpu District
   Xuyi County

Lianyungang & Jurisdiction
   Donghai County
   Ganyu County
   Guannan County
   Guanyun County
   Haizhou District
   Lianyun District
   Xinpu District

Nanjing & Jurisdiction
   Baixia District
   Gaochun County
   Gulou District
   Jiangning District
   Jianye District
   Lishui County
   Luhe District
   Pukou District
   Qinhuai District
   Qixia District
   Xiaguan District
   Xuanwu District
   Yuhuatai District

Nantong & Jurisdiction
   Chongchuan District
   Gangzha District
   Hai'an County
   Haimen City
   Qidong City
   Rugao City
   Tongzhou City

Suqian & Jurisdiction
   Shuyang County
   Sihong County
   Siyang County
   Sucheng District
   Suyu District

Suzhou & Jurisdiction
   Canglang District
   Changshu City
   Huqui District
   Jinchang District
   Kunshan City

   Pingjiang District
   Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park
   Suzhou High & New Technology Development Zone
   Taicang City
   Wujiang City
   Wuzhong District

   Xiangcheng District
   Zhangjiagang City

Taizhou & Jurisdiction
   Gaohang District
   Hailing District
   Jiangyan City
   Jingjiang City
   Taixing City
   Xinghua City

Wuxi & Jurisdiction
   Beitang District
   Binhu District
   Chong'an District
   Huizhan District
   Jiangyin City
   Nanchang District
   Xishan District
   Yixing City

Xuzhou & Jurisdiction
   Feng County
   Gulou District
   Jiawang District
   Jiuli Distric
   Pei Count
   Pizhou City
   Quanshan District
   Suining County
   Tongshan County
   Xinyi City
   Yunlong District

Yancheng & Jurisdiction
   Binhai County
   Dafeng City
   Dongtai City
   Funing County
   Jianhu County
   Sheyang County
   Tinghu District
   Xiangshui County

Yangzhou & Jurisdiction
   Baoying County
   Gaoyou City
   Guangjing District
   Hanjiang District
   Jiangdu City
   Weiyang District
   Yizheng City

Zhenjiang & Jurisdiction
   Danyang City
   Dantu District
   Jingkou District
   Jurong City
   Runzhou District
   Yangzhong City

 Nanjing, a capital for six dynasties
The Current Capital City of Jiangsu
Nanjing, a name that  refers to "Southern Capital" in comparison with Beijing's "Northern Capital", is a center of commerce, politics and culture of the country. The city has been a capital for six dynasties in China history. Located in southwest of Jiangsu, Nanjing lies on the southern bank of the Yangtzi River, surrounded by a range of hills known as the Purple and Gold Mountain. Nowadays Nanjing continues being an eminent city with a territory of 6,516 Sq Km, a population of 5.29 million, some 40 universities, more than 300 research institutes and many more.

 Suzhou, a paradise on the earth

An Elegant Chinese Garden City
Famous for its gardens, soft-speaking tone of voice and silk, the ancient and moated city lies at the point where the rail line meets the Grand Canal, about 30km to the east of Lake Taihu. Crisscrossed with water and dotted with greenery throughout the city calling "The Venice of China", Suzhou retains enough traces of its original character  and beauty. With its famous classic gardens, the town of 2500 years is now one of the most highly favoured tourist destinations  and a vast developed investment center in its outskirts. 

 Yangzhou, a historical city
A Legendary City
As called "Famous Prefecture", Yangzhou is located in the center of the province and is a city filled with its long history and enriched culture. First built in 486 B.C., the city has a history of 2500 years and was once the most wealthy and attractive port town for commerce, politics and foreign trade in China history. The world-renowned Italian traveler Marco Polo once served as a city official in Yangzhou. Nowadays Yangzhou is still one of  the most gorgeous tourist center in China and is attracting more investments and businesses to the area. 

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