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With its famous traditional Huai-Yang style foods, Jiangsu has a large selection of dining services, including restaurants, pubs, bars, night clubs, hotels, fast food chains, etc. In these dining places, you have a wide range of ethnic food available, including Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Thais, and more.

Take your time to choose whatever you like from Chinese local cuisines to French ala carte, Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, Korean barbecue, or from wine, beer to various desserts.

Traditional Jiangsu cuisine is notable for the emphasis placed on original flavor and carefully selected raw ingredients. These dishes are traditionally bright in color and use only a moderate amount of seasoning but a significant amount of oil.

Western and other Asia foods including McDonalds and KFC are becoming increasingly popular and there is a good selection of non-Chinese food available in different cities. Many hotels such as the Hilton and the Jinling have restaurants serving western style foods.

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