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Jiangsu's education system is based on the national system for the public education, which includes primary schools, middle schools, and universities. Nine years of education is compulsory for all Jiangsu students.

Jiangsu's higher education system has undergone two major periods of restructuring in its history. In 1950, the central government adopted the educational model from the former Soviet Union reorganizing previously-established comprehensive universities into new institutions. Again in 1999, in accordance with recent policy reforms, Jiangsu's universities underwent an opposite adjustment, an amalgamation, which results in the reduction of the number of higher education establishments and a wave of institutional name changes.

Jiangsu is the province in China that owns the largest number of institutions of higher education with 105 universities and colleges and an annual student enrolment of close to a million in 2007.

Jiangsu's international co-operation programs have been well established in the past years. Its universities and colleges have accepted international students from over 100 countries, and have had extensive exchange programs with more than 300 universities internationally. The number of higher education institutions funded by private sectors nationally and internationally are on the rise and they offer youth alternative educational pathways for career attainment.

 Higher education classification

The category University - Comprehensive consists of universities with intensive research programs and professional schools. University - Primarily Undergraduate category focuses on undergraduate education and it includes polytechnic universities. Special Focus Institution is comprised of higher education institutions in special fields of arts, sports, etc.

 Top 20 universities

China University of Mining and Technology Nanjing Army Command College
China Pharmaceutical University Nanjing University of Finances and Economics
Jiangsu University Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Hohai University Nanjing University of Science & Technology
Nanjing Agricultural University Nanjing University of Technology
Nanjing Forestry University Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nanjing Medical University Southeast University
Nanjing Normal University Southern Yangtze (Jiangnan) University
Nanjing University Soochow University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Yangzhou University

  Browse by city

  Changzhou (5)
Huai'an (2)
Lianyungang (2)
Nanjing (28)
Nantong (2)
Suqian (1)
Suzhou (8)
Taizhou (4)
Wuxi (7)
Xuzhou (5)
Yancheng (3)
Yangzhou (3)
Zhenjiang (2)

  Browse by type

  • College (22)
  • International School (8)
  • Special Focus Institution (6)
  • University - Comprehensive (21)
  • University - Primarily Undergraduate (9)
  • Vocational Institution (6)

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