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Travel in and around Jiangsu is a vacation in itself, whether by air, train, boat, or motorcycle. Jiangsu.NET aims to provide abundant information on air services and domestic airlines and airports, rail routes and train tours, highway and expressway transport, boat and ferry traveling, taxis and shuttles, and rentals including cars, trucks, RVs, cycles, and motorbikes.

 Airlines, airports & services
  General information
Information on air travel

Air China
China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu Limited
China Southern Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Shandong Airlines
Shanghai Airline
Shenzhen Airlines
Sichuan Airlines
Xiamen Airline
Changzhou Benniu Airport
Lianyungang Baitabi Airport
Nanjing Lukou Airport
Nantong Xingdong Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Shanghai Pudong Airport
Suzhou Guangfu Airport
Wuxi Shuofang Airport
Xuzhou Guanyin Airport
Yancheng Airport

 Railway & services
  General information
Information on railway travel

Jinghu Railway
Longhai Railway
Ninghang Railway
Ninghe Railway
Ningwu Railway
Ningqi Railway
Xin-Chang Railway

  Railway stations
Station List
 Highway/expressway & services
  General information
Information on highways and expressways

Highway G020: Beijing-Fuzhou
Highway G045: Lianyungang-Huerguosi
Highway G055: Shanghai-Chengdu
Highway G065A: Ninbo-Nanjing
Highway G204: Yantai-Shanghai
Highway G205: Shanhaiguan-Guangzhou
Highway G310: Lianyungang-Tianshui
Highway G311: Xuzhou-Xixia
Highway G328: Nanjing-Huai'an
Nanjing Highway Network

  Coach terminals and providers
Coach terminals
Coach providers

Expressway Beijing-Shanghai
Expressway Lianyungang-Suzhou
Expressway Nanjing-Changzhou
Expressway Nanjing-Hangzhou
Expressway Nanjing-Lianyungang
Expressway Nanjing-Nantong
Expressway Shanghai-Nanjing
Expressway Suzhou-Yancheng
Expressway Wuxi-Yixing
Expressway Xuzhou-Lianyungang


 Waterway transport & travel
  General information
Information on waterway transports and services

  Rivers & canals
Grand Canal
Guanhe River
Huaihe River
Qinhuai River
Shuhe River
Yangtze River
Xinyi River

  Waterway transport and services
Cargo ports/harbors
Passenger ferry terminals
Tourist cruise and provider list

Lake Gaoyou
Lake Hongze
Lake Luoma
Lake Taihu
Lake Tianmu
Lake Yunlong
Yangcheng Lake
 City transportation & services
  General information
Information on city transport and services

  City transport systems
Major bus lines
Car rentals

  Select by type  

  City Transport Systems (67)
Coach Terminals and Providers (59)
Railway Stations (18)
Waterway Transport and Services (77)

  Browse by city  

  Changzhou (14)
Huai'an (12)
Lianyungang (12)
Nanjing (32)
Nantong (17)
Suqian (16)
Suzhou (27)
Taizhou (19)
Wuxi (26)
Xuzhou (16)
Yancheng (13)
Yangzhou (17)
Zhenjiang (12)

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